IFC reports increased incidence of theft against ships in Manila Bay

As the country tries to offer itself as a safe hub for crew change, some undesirable people have taken advantage of the influx of foreign ships in Manila Bay and Batangas Bay.

The Singapore Navy’s INFORMATION FUSION CENTER (IFC) reported a “recent increase of theft, robbery and piracy incidents in Manila Bay.”

IFC reported 10 incidents: 2 sea robberies, 6 sea thefts, and two attempted actions from January to August 2020 in both Manila and Batangas Bay, Philippines.

In 2019, there were only 2 such incidents and three attacks in 2018 in Manila and Batangas Bay during the same period.

It is stated that seven incidents were observed in Manila Bay anchorage, which targeted anchored vessels and occurred within the hours of darkness between 2200hrs to 0430hrs.

In all incidents, only small items were reported stolen without any damage to the vessels. Only one (14.3%) incident involving an armed perpetrator was reported while causing no harm to the crew.

This unwelcome development could derail the country’s bid to offer as haven crew change.

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